The Nomad

"The Nomad" will bring the following key benefits to our customers:

  • Portable fast and reliable broadband speeds: Powered by the latest 4G LTE technology, "The Nomad" will deliver the convenience of the fastest and most reliable broadband speed that SWIFT 4G LTE is known for, on the go.
  • Connects multiple users and devices: Up to 10 users or devices will be able to share "The Nomad" connection at the same time. With the Nomad, friends, family members and associates can share the same high speed connection from multiple WiFi-enabled devices either on the go or variable locations within our coverage area;
  • Connects as one of the modems on a single SWIFT 4G LTE account: Customers will also be able to add "The Nomad" to the other modems from SWIFT Networks on one single account and sharing the same data subscription on the same single bill. For example, a customer who already has a SWIFT 4G LTE multi-user modem at home or in the office, can add "The Nomad" to his/her existing data subscription plan and can utilize the subscribed data allowance from any location within the SWIFT 4G LTE coverage area. No additional account, payment or data service plan is required. New subscribers will just need to create a new account and use "The Nomad" alone or in combination with any number of other SWIFT 4G LTE modems on the same account.
  • Up to 10 hours battery life: "The Nomad" comes in two variants; one with up to 6 hours of battery life, while the other provides up to 10 hours battery life. As such, once fully charged, customers can continue to enjoy 4G LTE services from "The Nomad" for up to 10 hours without being tethered to mains power. Each of these variants is also rechargeable on the go, using the cigarette lighter plug adapter in a car.
"The Nomad" is a registered trade mark of SWIFT Networks Limited.